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Thursday, September 22, 2011

On My Needles - Whiskey Felted Cap

Although I am in the process of spinning for the Geaux Tigers project, I always have at least 2 (or 5) projects going on at the same time.

Using up the rest of my merino blend roving, I spun a 2-ply fingering-ish yarn  This one should be a quick & fun knit.
Whiskey Cap

In fact, I was hoping to have this bound off last night & in the washer for felting today.  Key word: "Hoping".

Sigh . . . This is the perfect example for checking gauge.  Because this hat will be felted, it isn't absolutely crucial.   However, when you are only about two-thirds done with the hat and only have about 40 yards of yarn left, it isn't a good thing.  Especially considering I spun an extra 40 yds. . . . Sigh

Around 11 last night, I completely frogged the whole thing (knitter-speak for ripping out stitches. . . you know, "Rip-it, rip-it. . . ") and actually knitted a swatch to figure out my gauge.  Then I did a little math (my yarn is a little fluffier than the commercial yarn used) and knit the first one-third of the pattern.

Now I'm chugging right along with no worries about running out of yarn. Or of having a hat that would be too big for Frankenstein no matter how many times I felted it.

I'm still working on the Maikell scarf, just taking a break right now.  My goal was to complete one repeat of the lace each day.  Then I got The Migraine That Wouldn't Leave.  I didn't knit a single stitch for a whole week.  I really don't remember the last time that happened.

Then I got distracted.

Now I want to finish something.

Maikell is still a good way from being finished.

So I started the Whiskey Felted Cap

However, to prove that I have made some progress:
Maikell Progress
Just look at all those lovely nupps!

A little over half-way completed!

This will definitely be a thing of beauty!

Come back on Tuesday to see how I split & drafted the fiber for the Geaux Tigers project. . . . Maybe some spinning & yarn pics?  I hope so!

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